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Want to know more about excise fuel taxes and how they relate to your business or do you just need some pointers on how to navigate through the complexity that is fuel excise tax? No matter which area you fall into, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our complimentary collection of resources on fuel excise tax calculation, compliance and collection. These resources are free for you to read and download at your leisure however a one-time registration is required. Enjoy!
tax complexity success brief preview
According to a survey of users of Avalara’s Returns Excise software, nearly two-thirds of excise tax-paying companies are required to file fuel tax returns in 11 or more jurisdictions—and more than one in three must file with 26 or more authorities... Download Now
oil producer controls case study preview
A U.S. based oil exploration, production, and refining company increased accuracy and compliance in tax calculations, improved operational efficiency and control for tax accounting and enhanced tax transparency with AvaTax Excise... Download Now
new hampshire department of safety case study preview
Avalara Government automated the tax receipt and processing functions for the State of New Hampshire Department of Safety... Download Now
wyoming refining cost reduction case study preview
Returns Excise reduces tax compliance costs, eliminates the month end filing scramble, and enables company resource allocation to more strategic initiatives... Download Now
preview of fuel invoice accuracy study
...until you know the taxes are accurate. Inaccurate fuel invoicing is an expensive problem. The complexity of fuel contracts, price volatility, and tax law changes make it hard to generate accurate invoices. This whitepaper helps outline strategies to help prevent this risk... Download Now
Talk about a tangled web. Of all the challenges faced by US tax managers and IT departments, excise taxes on alternative motor fuels like natural gas and biofuels is by far one of the most complex. Download Now
how to generate accurate bulk fuel invoices preview
The complexity of fuel contracts, price volatility, and tax law changes make it harder than ever to generate accurate invoices. This whitepaper helps outline strategies to help prevent this risk... Download Now
Tax-Automation Whitepaper
Keeping up with all the rules, rates, and filing requirements while ensuring accurate and on-time monthly filing entails considerable operational costs. Learn how automation can help. Download Now
accurate energy taxation infographic preview
The Tangled Road to Accurate Energy Tax Calculation Learn the four hidden reasons of incorrect fuel invoicing... Download Now
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Too many oil and gas companies are spending too much time and too many resources using manual excise tax processes. Download Now
natural gas as a motor fuel infographic preview
Trending Now: Natural Gas as a Motor Fuel Learn how natural gas vehicles are gaining momentum... Download Now
motor fuel tax survival guide preview
Excise tax complexity makes it difficult for any company file taxes accurately. Compliance failure carries serious consequences such as significant penalties and interest, additional filing requirements, or license suspension or revocation. This guide addresses these challenges... Download Now
taxing natural gas as a motor fuel preview
Natural gas is becoming increasingly popular as a transportation fuel due to its lower costs and reduced environmental impact. As a result, it’s gaining the attention of state regulators. Read on to understand the tax implications... Download Now
intro to fuel tax automation video preview
It’s no secret that bulk fuel invoicing is hard. Getting accurate fuel volume, pricing, freight, sales tax and excise tax together on a single invoice is as complex as it is challenging... Watch Now
how excise tax works video preview
Learn how excise tax works and how it's different from sales tax... Watch Now
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Businesses that have to handle both sales tax and excise tax requirements face unique challenges that can cause inefficiencies and technical problems. Watch Now
accurate fuel tax calculation video preview
Tax Calculation for Accurate Fuel Invoicing & Reconciliation An estimated 25% of all fuel invoices are inaccurate in some way. If you’re a seller who’s generating bad invoices, your revenues and reputation are at risk. Excise tax errors can leave you... Watch Now
accurate fuel tax strategies video preview
Invoice Accuracy is a Fuel Industry Problem - Fuel Tax Compliance is Key! This webinar discusses fuel tax calculation and invoicing challenges facing suppliers as well as strategies to ensure that invoices are accurate... Watch Now
fuel tax survival guide video preview
7 Step Survival Guide for Motor Fuel Tax Compliance Motor excise taxes are a big source of risk for companies trying to stay abreast of the many rate, rule, and form changes – over 900 of such changes already this year... Watch Now
taxing natural gas video preview
Cost savings and environmental benefits are just two reasons natural gas is increasingly popular as a transportation fuel. But as natural gas vehicles gain momentum, so do the debates around taxation. Watch Now
rise of biodiesel whitepaper preview
Biodiesel currently accounts for a relatively small portion of total diesel consumption—just 1.75 billion gallons in 20141 — and its future growth is largely dependent upon tax policy. Download Now