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Want to know more about excise fuel taxes and how they relate to your business or do you just need some pointers on how to navigate through the complexity that is fuel excise tax? No matter which area you fall into, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our complimentary collection of resources on fuel excise tax calculation, compliance and collection. These resources are free for you to read and download at your leisure however a one-time registration is required. Enjoy!
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According to a survey of users of Avalara’s Returns Excise software, nearly two-thirds of excise tax-paying companies are required to file fuel tax returns in 11 or more jurisdictions—and more than one in three must file with 26 or more authorities... Download Now
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Returns Excise reduces tax compliance costs, eliminates the month end filing scramble, and enables company resource allocation to more strategic initiatives... Download Now
Tax-Automation Whitepaper
Keeping up with all the rules, rates, and filing requirements while ensuring accurate and on-time monthly filing entails considerable operational costs. Learn how automation can help. Download Now
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Too many oil and gas companies are spending too much time and too many resources using manual excise tax processes. Download Now
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Excise tax complexity makes it difficult for any company file taxes accurately. Compliance failure carries serious consequences such as significant penalties and interest, additional filing requirements, or license suspension or revocation. This guide addresses these challenges... Download Now
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7 Step Survival Guide for Motor Fuel Tax Compliance Motor excise taxes are a big source of risk for companies trying to stay abreast of the many rate, rule, and form changes – over 900 of such changes already this year... Watch Now