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Automate filing processes from transaction import to electronic filing

Maintaining compliance in an industry that consists of constantly changing tax rates, rules and reporting requirements is no easy task. Avalara automates the filing process from data collection through electronic filing. With our solutions, customers achieve compliance with state tax mandates and, at the same time, become more efficient, accurate, and audit defensible in their returns processing.
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Returns Excise Enterprise

Fuel tax compliance automation

Avalara Returns Excise Enterprise generates signature-ready fuel tax returns and reports from fuel transaction data, enabling distributors, terminal operators, suppliers, fleets, and retailers to fully automate the filing process and ensure tax compliance.

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Returns Excise Pro

Easy fuel tax filing

Avalara Returns Excise Pro simplifies fuel tax filing through automation, enabling small and medium sized suppliers, distributors and terminal operators to reduce filing time and costs. An ideal solution for:

  • Smaller businesses facing electronic filing mandates
  • Businesses operating in less than 5 states
  • Businesses with less than 500 transactions per month
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avalara returns for sales tax


File accurately and on time, every time

Avalara Returns automates the entire sales tax filing process, enabling accurate and on-time filing and tax payment remittance.

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Manage your fuel licenses and exemption documents

Avalara CertCapture creates, validates and stores fuel license and exemption documents, ensuring tax calculation and compliance accuracy, limiting audit exposure.

AvaTax Excise and Returns Excise Enterprise integrate directly with CertCapture to provide a fuel license and exemption document management solution. Learn more about integration.

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